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Every time when Physio- or Occupational Therapy is applied. a Diagnosis is required. In Germany basically Doctors are responsible for that.

If you are insured with a public Insurance Company, must pay an own contribution. How much this is, depends which Company your insured and
what is prescripted.

The public insurance companies have for every diagnosis a determined quantity of therapy units per prescription and the overall quantity of units per
diagnosis. Basically it is possible to get more therapy than the determined quantity. In this case the doctor has to justify this decision on a special field on the front part of the prescription.

EVERY Prescription for Physio- or Occupational Therapy MUST start within 14 days after the date of issue. As an exception, the Doctor can prelong this limit up to 30 days. In this case there is a special field on the prescription “Behandlungsbeginn spätestens am” (Start of therapy not later than) where the Doctor can prolong the limit up to 30 days.

Basically all prescriptions load the budget of the Doctor. Long Term Prescription are excluded from this.

If further therapy is necessary the doctor can write you additional prescriptions. It is for the doctor to decide if or if not. It might be necessary to
apply to the doctor.

By law missed appointments can be charged by the Patient, when they are not canceled 24 hours in advance. Exceptions are possible.